February 2017

Dragon Claw would not have happened without the support of around 28 volunteers and twelve commercial supporters.  All those associated with the operation do not derive any form of financial remuneration.

A number of very kind people deserve a specific mention, as follows:

  • Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AO for encouraging us and being our Patron
  • Denis Tebbutt our founding director for being our constant executive guide and mentor
  • Susan Hughes our third director for her enormous energy and dedication
  • Keith Lindner for his efforts in building our first website
  • Leo List for his efforts in building our second website
  • Gabrielle Davies for successfully launching our first Crowd Funding appeal
  • Joan Nelson for always being there when we needed help
  • Kelvin Postlethwaite for always being there and supporting the cause
  • Megan Kennedy and Rebecca Saunders for their efforts in running our social media initiatives
  • Professor Gavin Andrews (Anxiety, Sydney University) for access to their online patient support tools
  • Dr Michael Greger, for the use of their video material contains a wealth of dietary information based by careful research.  It is probably the best layperson's website in the world.  We are very thankful to Dr Greger and his team for allowing us to extract videos that relate directly to our aims and objectives.  Written permission has been obtained.

Other kind and helpful volunteers include Keith Besgrove, Teresa Pun, Dr Nick Buckmaster, Karim Barbara, Martin Stewart-Weeks, Andrew Thirlwell, Dr Jeffrey Tobias, Peter Fritz, Greg Taylor, Ned Strong and Dr Peter Beadle who have given their time, knowledge and experience to provide guidance, support and engagement when we have needed it.

Within the rheumatology profession we are very pleased for the good will shown to us by Prof Lyn March, Prof Peter Brooks and Dr Daniel Lewis, their constant guidance is fundamental to the building of confidence within our community to better manage their health and engage more efficiently with the clinical fraternity.

Overseas we have a growing list of supporters including, Dr Danny Sands, co-founder of The Society of Participatory Medicine and Dr Michael Fascia, Chair of Veritas Health Care.

Many of our street art images did not have a discernable author although we did reach out to discover them and their undoubted talent.  All those who answered agreed to support Dragon Claw with their images.  They are:

  • The Dragon image: NICO ART on 9/8/15
  • The Mexican: Peque Vrs and Cara Martinez on 5 May 2016
  • The Bubble image: Neil E Tomkins on 6 Sept 2015
  • Red Face: Dan O’Toole on 8 Sept 2015
  • Five colour buddies with blue sky: Neil Tomkins on 2 March 2017 as are all the following
  • Aboriginal Face: Ian Andrew
  • Three Train Carriages: Pique Vrs and Cara Martinez
  • Girl holding heart: Camo
  • Blue and Tan Segmented Face: Ears
  • Face breaking out of a Wall: Eoin
  • Coloured Gorilla: Mulga on 28 May 2017 ( )

We would not have survived without our commercial partners.  In particular, The NTF Group and Princeton Digital have been absolute stalwarts and have enabled us to reach out and engage communities beyond our Australian boarder.  The full list of our current commercial partners is:

  • The NTF Group is a leading information based marketing consulting firm -  NTF
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia - The Guild
  • Global Access Partners (GAP) is an independent non-profit public policy think tank  - GAP
  • Herbert Smith Freehills, our pro bono legal advisers - Freehills
  • Princeton Health is a health sector publisher and marketer - Princeton Digital
  • LoneAlarm enables your phone to call for help when you can’t -  Lone Alarm
  • The Lewis Institute for health and wellbeing - The Institute
  • Medivizor for Health information, personalized –  Medivizor
  • The British Medical Journal (BMJ) – BMJ
  • The journal of Arthritis & Rheumatology – JAR
  • Pfizer Australia, seed funding grant - Pfizer
  • Janssen Australia and New Zealand (Janssen-Cilag Pty Ltd) - Janssen

We thank them all. 

Michael Gill