Wonderful Clinicians

As a clinician working with patients who have RA, JIA or lupus your service is critical and wonderful.  Patients really can not get along with their lives without medical attention.  Thank you from Dragon Claw.

Dragon Claw information and service runs in parallel with your clinician service.  You don't have to waste valueable clinical time explaining diet, exercise, mental health and other issues of living with the disease.  We do this for you!  So please refer your RA, lupus and JIA patients to the website.  It does not cost anything and their involvement is up to them.  We believe that Dragon Claw actually makes people with these conditions have a better life, a focus on wellness and not illness.


"Consequently, although prevention of deformity and functional loss remains an imperative of rheumatoid arthritis management, the unmet need of patients has shifted away from a focus on inexorably progressive joint destruction. By contrast, many areas of contemporary unmet need are subjective in nature, their true effects known only to the patients themselves.   Examples include pain, fatigue, and mental health effects, all of which can adversely affect social interaction, the ability to work, sexual activity, and overall wellbeing."  P. Taylor and J. Pope, The Lancet, rheumatology, vol 1, Sept, 2019