All Volunteers

Dragon Claw is emerging as an organisation that is building a community through our website to share information and connections for those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Your involvement as a ‘Dragon Claw Volunteer’ is critical to our success in helping sufferers, carers and those treating the condition from all aspects of our clinical fraternity.  We highly value your engagement and commitment to act in this capacity.

Dragon Claw is very young and has yet to establish an income, office structure or appropriate management systems.  Being small and maintaining an innovative agility is really important right now.

To ensure that all volunteers have the same perspective about doing things with each other and for the organisation or website, we summarise the position below:

  1. We are attempting to obtain cash sponsorship from the commercial sector.  Private donations are welcome and are tax deductible. 
  2. As Dragon Claw is a charity and law forbids the three directors from receiving any form of salary.
  3. You are welcome to inspect the bank account statements at any time.
  4. Your involvement is purely voluntary.  The organisation and its associated entities are not able to pay for services from you or from people you may ask.
  5. Any expenditure needs to be approved in writing by the Executive.
  6. You are not able to commit Dragon Claw to any action that requires a financial investment or a define legal position.
  7. Equipment you use is likely to be your own or that provided by one of our sponsors. In either case, Dragon Claw and its entities are unable to accept liability for damage, error or injury.

Volunteers bring an important level of energy, perspective and encouragement to the development of this important community of common interest for those suffering from Rheumatoid Disease.  We aim to provide you with an opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas that make life more satisfying for sufferers while learning from all engaged in this initiative that aims to maximise the knowledge within this community of what has worked and what has not worked for individual members.  Outside of this community we need to help those who may be impacted by knowing someone with the disease how to recognise it, to understand it and to be aware of how we help all to live a life of reasonable quality.