Our Vision

Encouraging self-care and care co-ordination to reduce isolation and stress.

Dragon Claw promotes self-care and the need to coordinate support services for chronic diseases of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, their care givers and supporters.  We will provide support 24/7 across the globe.   Our purpose is to reduce pain and isolation by the provision of online services and support focusing on wellness not illness.  We maintain that accessing doctors is the first port of call for a patient and Dragon Claw is the second.

We believe that to maximise support to the carer and to the patient, the online experience must dynamically relate a person’s disease state to his or her own specific co-morbidities.  By 2021 Dragon Claw will be globally recognised, be financial secure and be supported by a strong membership base.  Success for Dragon Claw is to reduce hospitalisation, increase workforce participation and to reduce isolation.  

This website and the dedicated group of volunteers behind it focuses of information, tools and services best suited for those people with Rheumatoid Disease, Lupus, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, care givers and supportive clinicians.  Your medical treatment is essential and something we do not question.  The other significant element about your health is how you live.  That is where Dragon Claw comes in.  Dragon Claw is member driven, independent and governed by a formal structure.  It is global.  Clinician and other experts do not control or govern what goes on the website.  Patients do!

We are filling the gap between the clinician and the community.  A 15 minute consultation with your clinician three times a year is not enough for many.  We still suffer pain and fatigue and have major issues with depression.  The costs of additional support are beyond many.  Dragon Claw proposed that you take control and manage your own condition treating the clinician as your primary adviser.  There is so much more we can do ourselves from food to exercise to mental health to meditation.  

See the three Dragon Claw videos called Theory and Practice in our Video Library (only available to members).

We aim to provide useful tools and services to registered members, carers and clinicians in a completely different way and provide you with a range of services to:

  • Reduce isolation;

  • Improve pain management;

  • Improve mental health outcomes;

  • Help people avoid unnecessary hospital admissions;

  • Provide a community; and to

  • Assist carers and families to cope.

For You

  • Reduce your stress by joining a group that understands.

  • Increase your knowledge about your condition.

  • Join drug trials as they become available.

  • Dragon Claw links the disease progression with the development of co-morbidities.  We believe that no other website does this.

  • Dragon Claw deliberately links health and fitness features not illness and drug services to provide hope for these incurable conditions.

  • Quality of life tools, diet, mental health and exercise are key features.

  • Carers are included in the equation as sufferers are very dependent upon caregiver support.  

  • Over time members will be linked geographically to encourage social interaction and physical meetings.

What Next?

  •  Register on Dragon Claw

  •  Tell us about you via My Story

  •  Explore the site and watch some of the videos

  •  Shoot and send your own video

 Join the adventure, use the Forum and give us feedback!