Useful Resources

Introduction to Useful Resources

In this section we will load new and useful Internet links which are complimentary to what we are trying to achieve.  In most cases these links are tools.  For example; what's in this particular drug I am supposed to take?  Clicking on to the particular topic or name below will take you to the chosen website and will necessitate you leaving the Dragon Claw site.  Feel free to do so but we hope you'll come back to the Dragon!

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Newly Diagnosed?

Medicine X offers an innovative way of explaining complex medical issues through stories. For their interesting RA story visit here and select ‘view RA explained’.  Choosing their “view online version” lets you run the whole story on your computer. Easy! This service is part funded by our partner Pfizer.


A special resource for members and others who are stressed about their condition and the way their life is unfolding. Transform your life by giving yourself the inner strength and profound calm you've always wanted! Be guided to a place of peace, power and joy by legendary teacher Petrea King, founder of the famous Quest For Life Foundation. Once you learn these 4 Keys To Resilience And Peace you will feel in control of your life and full of the energy you need to achieve your goals and celebrate each day! Explore and register - here. Anthony Ackroyd uses laughter as medicine in many brilliant ways.  He is also a Dragon Claw Ambassador and can be found here

List of Resources 

Mayo Clinic

Rheumatoid Arthritis - basic facts

Drug Information and Drug Interactions

Second opinion Online

Understanding Blood Tests

Disease Severity

Nutrition Research

Carer Support

Understand a Drug

Pain resources

 - Where to find clinical trials USA)

-  Where to find clinical trials (AUS)

- The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is building a useful bank of articles - All about what your patient is thinking

- The People's Health Movement

Specialised Lupus Blogs

Sara Gorman writes the blog Despite Lupus. Sara was diagnosed with lupus when she was 26 years of age.

Shaista Tayabali lives in the United Kingdom and was diagnosed with lupus when she was 18.  After falling critically ill, Lupus in Flight became Shaista's poetic response.

Marisa Zeppieri is the founder of LupusChick.

Molly's Fund Fighting Lupus is a nonprofit organization that has the goal of changing attitudes.

Lupus LA is a nonprofit organization built by families affected by lupus.

Stacey is in her 40s, was diagnosed with lupus in 2005, and authors the blog Lupus Crazy.

Lupus Foundation of America has a blog site too.  The Foundation is devoted to solving the mystery of lupus while supporting those who are impacted by the disease.