Smart Phone Innovation

We are working on some pretty interesting ideas for building a smart phone app specifically for our members. We have designed a new type of self-care app and are currently seeking funds to build it.  Below is a wonderfully practical tool to help manage falls for all age groups.  Works really well!

New! A Falls Monitor for You

  LoneAlarm 50

Dragon Claw is working with LoneAlarm to provide the LoneAlarm personal safety system to its members. The LoneAlarm system provides automatic fall detection, panic button and dead-man timer on an Android 5 phone or iPhone 5 or better and alerts your nominated responders by SMS and e-mail if something goes wrong. The falls monitor is for registered members only.  To take advantage of this offer go to the LoneAlarm website LoneAlarm website and register using the promotion code DC12015.  The service costs $0.50 per day and Dragon Claw is provided a referral fee of 15% to help cover our costs.  

This is a special service and pricing for Dragon Claw members only.  "Having collapsed a number of times myself, this tool provides security for myself and my wife.” (Dragon Claw founder, 2015).

"I am delighted with the performance of LoneAlarm to help keep me safe and living independently, despite my auto-immune disease. Last year I fell over my cat in my kitchen and my daughter knew straight away that I was in distress – she rang to find out if I needed her help. Thank heavens I use LoneAlarm! It's currently installed on my iPhone and I'm looking forward to wearing it on a wrist band later this year. It is worth every cent and a lot less expensive than what my old mum used as an alternative"

Susan Hughes, Patient Advocate, Dragon Claw.