Introduction to Scientific Articles

In this section of Literature Central we provide selected articles and links which we believe to be useful to members of Dragon Claw.  This articles and links are kindly provided by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Lancet, Annals of Rheumatic Disease, Lupus Science & Medicine, RMD Open and Medivizor.  We are very grateful for their ongoing support and interest in Dragon Claw.

These articles are more complex and scientifically detailed that those provided in the Quick Reads section.  The provided links will be updated on a regular basis whereas complete PDF and documents will be replaced as new information becomes available.  In scientific health publications there are over 100,000 new publications a month.  As such, Dragon Claw administration can not be across this volume so what is chosen is focused towards RD and Lupus.  At Dragon Claw we neither endorse nor reject the contents of any scientific article but simply present it.

Please take your time, select an article and have read it in the comfort of your own home.  If you find something that is of concern or suggests you take action, change a dose or seek other medication be sure that you consult with your usual medical practitioner first!

The BMJ was the first ever-medical journal to receive the ‘Patients Included’ award for its strategy to encourage doctors and patients to work together as partners to improve healthcare. More information can be found HERE - "Patients come first" is one of our stated core values, and we will continue to seek collaborations with patient organisations.

The lay summaries for selected Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD) articles are available for free at HERE.  These summaries are published on a monthly basis.

Lupus Science & Medicine

This is a new online only Open Access journal publishing articles on all aspects of lupus, set up in collaboration with the Lupus Foundation of America. All content is free to read and can be found HERE.