Biologics and Hospital Admission

If you are on a biologic and get admitted to hospital because of illness or feeling unwell then consider this.

Doctors in emergency sometime note that patients on biologics may not have a roaring fever, may not have a high white blood cell count or be complaining that they are not feeling like themselves. The doctor can easily miss that infection lurking undetected which could lead to septic shock.

Strong chest pain may often resemble a heart attack but is more often really a flare of the muscles or joins in the chest.

For patients who are on biologics and get admitted to the hospital, doctors need to be very vigilant when a patient has general malaise, low-grade fever or nothing is really focal.  When patients are on biologics, physicians have to have a much higher suspicion for a deep-seated infection.

Be sure to take your drug list with you and latest blood results when being admitted to hospital.  Better still consider using the suggested Dragon Claw Medical Record.