International Cardiologist Reveals Natural Alternative to Prescription Drugs for your Cardiovascular Health

December 4, 2016 By Dr. Ross Walker - About Dr Walker

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Aged garlic extract may help to halt heart disease from progressing and, in some cases, may even reverse artery plaque accumulation, according to new research.

The studies were conducted at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and led by internationally-renowned cardiologist, Dr. Matthew Budoff, M.D.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Dr Budoff whose studies into Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract also revealed blood pressure and cholesterol management benefits.

Dr Budoff’s studies took CAT scans of 72 heart patients who had blockages of at least one of major cardiac artery. He asked half of the study subjects to take two capsules of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract each day, one in the morning and another in the evening. The other participants took placebo pills. 

Throughout a year, he repeated the CAT scans and discovered that the subjects who took the Kyolic Aged garlic experienced regression of arterial plaque. The plaque build-up in patients who took the placebo got worse.

Dr Budoff’s four randomized studies all concurred that Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is both beneficial for slowing atherosclerosis and reversing the early stages of heart disease.

“Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract works through a multiple of mechanisms, we’ve seen that it lowers blood pressure, it lowers cholesterol, it has a little bit of an anti-inflammatory effect so it lowers inflammation in the body. In all four studies it lowers plaque in the coronary arteries.”

“We’re very excited about this natural therapy which may help to slow down the process of plaque and coronary disease, that is currently an epidemic across multiple groups,” Dr Budoff said.

The studies also showed that Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract had no significant side effects.

“We’ve done four studies in over 200 patients and it’s really well tolerated by our patients,” shared Dr Budoff.

Dr Budoff prescribes Aged Garlic Extract to his patients at his clinical practice.

“I’m now actively prescribing Kyolic (Aged Garlic Extract). Especially in those patients who continue to progress in their plaque, or they remain at risk because they have diabetes or pre-diabetes, or they don’t want to take a statin.”

“Patients receive it very well because it’s a natural product,” he said.