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Dragon Claw is developing the ability to provide useful merchandise.  These items will range from shirts to support aids such as medical wrist bands and kitchen tools.  Merchandise ordering, payment and dispatch is kindly provided to us by a third party linked to one of our partners - Lone Alarm.  The service is separate from Dragon Claw so when you click the link below you will leave this website.  Dragon Claw has no direct control of your order.

Welcome to Dragon Claw’s online shop where we invite you to purchase from our introductory range of merchandise promoting the encouragement of self-care for sufferers of the dreadful diseases Rheumatoid, Lupus and JIA.

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We have great plans in expanding our shop and if you have any ideas or wish to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All profits support Dragon Claw’s continuing operation and growth.  Thank you for supporting Dragon Claw!


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LoneAlarm 50h

New! A Falls Monitor for You

Dragon Claw is working with LoneAlarm to provide the LoneAlarm personal safety system to its members. The LoneAlarm system provides automatic fall detection, panic button and dead-man timer on an Android 5 phone or iPhone 5 or better and alerts your nominated responders by SMS and e-mail if something goes wrong. The falls monitor is for registered members only.  To take advantage of this offer go to Lone Alarm and register using the promotion code DC12015.  The service costs $0.50 per day and Dragon Claw is provided a referral fee of 15% to help cover our costs.  To get a better idea have a look at the video here

“This is a special service and pricing for Dragon Claw members only.  Having collapsed a number of times myself, this tool provides security for myself and my wife.” (Dragon Claw founder, 2015).