Your Partner’s Support Corner

The goal of this section is to provide, over time, a compendium of advice based on the experience of our Dragon Talk members and their partners, an area that can be referred to later when a situation triggers a memory of having read something on the issue in a past newsletter that provided advice, or an anecdote about a solution that worked.

As you can imagine, caregiving, or being a Carer, or receiving care from someone you love, covers a large area of human contact in all its forms, and our hope is that this section will encourage the reader to share their experiences on what works, and what doesn’t work, as we continue to cope with the trials and tribulations of dealing with AIID and its many manifestations.

We hope to have the first edition prepared in time for the March newsletter, where a short anecdote will be followed by some details on how best to prepare and submit your thoughts and experiences.

Keep smiling and striding into the future.

Alasdair Cook