Vaccination Advice August 2022


Type Vaccine When information Pearls
SAFE (dead or
flu, injectable annually    
Pneumovax PCV13 once give > 1yr after PCV23 if not had before prevention of Pneumococcal pneumonia. High risk with aging, immune suppression, or splenectomy. 
Pneumovax PCV23 every 5-10 years give 8-10 wks after PCV13 then every 5-10 years
Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis (whooping cough) every 5-10 years    
Shingles: Shingrix   2 doses separated by 2-6 months Prevention of shingles. available since 2017, preferred over zostavax
 SAFE (mRNA) CoVid-19 as recommended    
CAUTION (live vaccines)    Shingles:Zostavax   no longer recommended as the Shingrix provides better protection. If any of these required, must do BEFORE starting on immune suppressive therapy. As well as TB skin tests…+/or coccidiomycosis (fungal infection in SW USA). Skin tests before starting Rx.     
yellow fever    
oral polio    
nasal flu shot    
Special circumstances   Hepatitis A everyone has as a child.   If traveling to high risk country.
Hepatitis B     for those at high risk of exchange of bodily uids, (incl blood) Some travel destinations.
Human Papilloma Virus girls and boys before sexual activity or if you are at high risk of multiple sexual partners. 3 injections over a 6 month period.  



Recommended for immunocompromised people or adults > 65 protect against Name Comment
annual influenza  flu shot  advised to have annually before the flu season
pneumonia   PVC13  given one time
 PVC23  8-10 weeks after PCV 13 and then every 5-10 years
shingles  Shingrix  2 doses separated by 2-6 month
 Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough)  Tdp  every 5-10 years
CoVid 19 Covid  as recommended

Take control. Try to find an application that will help you keep track! The CANImmunize app for Canadians is an example.

You can set reminders for when your next vaccine is due!

To see the features Click HERE

The Australian Government also has an app where all your immunizations are recorded.


 If you are stable, consider (discuss) the benefits of “holding” your auto-
immune medications for 1-2 weeks after your vaccination to get the
best possible benefits.

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The American College of Rheumatology  has recently published an immunization guide for immunocompromised people including advice about “holding” medications:

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