Therapeutic diets - a Nutritionists View

By Dragon’s Functional Nutritionist,

Charlotte Hill

My main philosophy about nutrition is that every single person is bio-individual - even if they have been diagnosed with the same condition as someone else. Everyone differs based on where they come from, underlying genetics, conditions being experienced, the driving factors behind conditions being experienced and their current health situation right now.

As a result, there is no one size fits diet or broader supplement and lifestyle for anyone!

There are a number of therapeutic diets which have become more common in the autoimmune community over the last decade or so. These include the ketogenic diet, the Autoimmune Paleo Diet, the Wahls Protocol, the paleo diet and more. Depending on individual circumstances, these can be highly beneficial, however, often these are not used long term and must be accompanied by taking steps to make sure other driving factors of conditions are being addressed (for example: digestive issues, blood sugar issues, hormone dysregulation).

Therapeutic diets can often be a significant lifestyle change too which can be overwhelming. As a result, when I first work with clients in my practice, I am mostly supporting clients to upgrade to nutrient dense whole foods without further restrictions.

This can be transformative in itself. See this  “Foods to Enjoy, Foods to Avoid” list for a starting point.

I have created a handout on Therapeutic Diets that goes into further detail. Click HERE

Note: please see professional advice before experimenting with a Therapeutic diet.