Partners corner July 2022


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With all that is going on around you, how do you create a system that will help you in remembering what needs to be done, when, and the associated priority?

The usual method is to create lists, be they on scraps of paper, the back of envelopes or the ubiquitous Post-It Note, (I loved their advertisement where the squirrels were using Post-It Notes in their winter hideaway to remind them where they had hidden all the nuts and pinecones!) Daily and weekly grocery lists are best done this way, and easily recycled! 

To create a permanent record, you can use a pocket-sized notebook with just the date handwritten on the top of each page, or you can use a diary/agenda with a full page of writing space.

Today, I would think that most of us use our iPhones or iPads to make these notes, but if the battery is flat, or you lose or drop it, you have to start again! The real purpose of keeping good daily notes this way is really to remind you of the extraordinary items, making an appointment, calling the clinic for a repeat prescription, calling the pharmacy, or even a reminder that the library books are due!

Write your daily list of things to do in the priority that they should be done and on the day they should be done, and cross them out when you have completed them. Write in the phone numbers for the associated contacts, the water heater service, the landscaper who does the irrigation system etc. There will be items that you don’t get to that day, and so you can carry them forward, remembering that perhaps their priority has been upgraded by missing a day. Some of you will find that these written records will serve as a good reminder of what happened on which days in previous years, and who you called to get something done.  Of course, this daily notebook is in addition to the one being kept by the patient wherein they keep notes of pain levels, adverse reactions, food and drug issues, tests, medical appointments and any unusual moods or feelings.

Start that daily routine notebook now, and keep smiling, and striding into the future.

Alasdair Cook