Our relationship with food

Food has a crucial role in restoring and maintaining deep nourishment of our bodies so we can function optimally -  especially in those of us with autoimmune conditions. But just as important as the food that we put in our mouth is the relationship that we have with food that we are eating.  If we resent the food that we are eating, even if these are the foods that our body needs, our bodies will most likely not get the benefit intended. Conversely, if we see food that we are eating with gratitude and as a source of nourishment our bodies can absorb the nutrients delivered.

So whilst making steps to improve our diet it is also important to consider our relationship with food.

Here are my 5 top tips to build a more loving relationship with your food:

  1. See food as your ally not an enemy and as something that is going to fuel and nourish your body and help you thrive
  2. Make meal preparation an enjoyable experience -dedicate time each week for cooking so it doesn’t feel rushed and listen to music or have a candle burning at the same time
  3. Take time to show gratitude and celebrate the food you are about to eat
  4. Eat your food mindfully whilst noticing the plethora of flavours
  5. Focus on the nutrient density of foods that you eat rather than obsessing on calories

By Charlotte Hill, Functional Nutritionist, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – see Patient Advisory Bio Click here