October Dragon Talks


October Dragon Talks took a slightly different turn as we were treated to stories from two of our members. Charlotte got the month off to a great start with her story. She used visuals to help us learn about her life and her journey with ankylosing spondylitis. We were moved by her stamina and her positive outlook. Charlotte is an important part of our community.

Our next meeting was a Coffee Hour. We all look forward to these times when we can just chat, hear about each other’s ups and downs, and get caught up on how life is treating us – or, perhaps more correctly, how we are treating life.

The third meeting was another first-rate presentation as we welcomed back Jill Dunkley, a yoga instructor, mindfulness coach, and certified in bone health instruction. Jill continued her presentation from last month, leading us in a series of exercises that were both safe and helpful to those who might be experiencing bone density issues (osteopenia, osteoporosis). Jill is a consummate teacher – patient, thorough, and encouraging. She is also very generous with her time. We are grateful that she has become a friend to us all.

Our final Dragon Talk for this month featured Julie who shared her story with us. Julie chose a conversational style for her talk, encouraging our response as she shared her journey with us. Julie is also an important member of our group – her constant smile and gentleness speak highly of how she deals with the many facets of her health issues. We are grateful for her presence and her participation.

The weekly Dragon Talk zoom meetings are an important part of the members’ lives. We would welcome newcomers at any time. Please contact either Charmaine or Paul to learn more.

By Dragon Paul Kett, co-facilitator of Dragon Talks.

All are welcome to join us Tuesday evenings for Canada, and Wednesday mornings for Australia. Charmaine or Paul can share the Zoom link with you.  Member Patient Advisory Committee, Co-facilitator of Dragon Talks

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