Leaving Lockdown

are we returning to living the way we were before lockdown?

by Dr Robin Murray


We dragons are all in different places: Canadians have been free to move around, sometimes with unhappy consequences. In Alberta, where restrictions were given up to “have a wonderful summer” Covid cases skyrocketed and filled their ICUs!

Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney have varied in their approaches to lockdown and it seems likely that Sydney and possibly Canberra may come out of lockdown by mid-October; Melbourne uncertain as yet. Other Australian state capitals have been less affected by lockdowns although several state borders are closed to those of us who live in Covid-affected areas.

We may have languished feeling we should work on projects but unable to find the motivation. Yet, paradoxically we may have felt safer staying at home than moving back into an uncertain world and some have developed symptoms of stress. Does freedom make us feel a little anxious and even fearful about returning to living the way we were before Covid?

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