Indigenous Land and Reconciliation Acknowledgement



As members of the Dragon Talks group, we feel the correctness of expressing a land acknowledgement and our intent to commit ourselves to a process of reconciliation.

Paul and I have crafted this Land Acknowledgement and our intent is to initiate a process of learning  our true histories with respect to our First Nations and Aboriginal peoples. Some dragons have had an opportunity to contribute and we welcome further discussion.


We acknowledge that the lands on which we live, meet, and work are the traditional countries of many nations. We will pause to give you a moment to reflect on the history of the area you are joining us from.  We recognize the harm and many injustices that the arrival of our ancestors has created for indigenous peoples.  With the spirit of reconciliation, Dragon Talks pays respect to the traditional custodians and honours their connections to lands, waters, and communities. We pay our respect to their elders: past, present and emerging.  We commit ourselves to gaining knowledge, forging  new culturally safe relationships, and contributing to reconciliation: to breath life into our obligations.  We ask you, the Dragon Talk community, to hold us accountable to this.


This is a work in progress and we would welcome any input into both the statement and the process of learning more about the history and lasting effects of colonialization.  We are proposing that we review this statement before each “Coffee” hour of Dragon Talks. There has been a suggestion that we might set aside time to share books/essays/films on the topic.  Shall we have a book club - perhaps meetings quarterly?

How does this relate to Dragon Claw’s mission? We have been learning about the pillars of health: what lifestyle factors might minimize our inflammatory response. We have learned that RA is much more common in Aboriginal and First Nation peoples. Is there a link between our histories and the uptick of autoimmunity? We think there is.  Let’s learn more together.

We will discuss this further at our coffee hour, Indigenous Land and  Reconciliation Acknowledgement at our coffee hour May 31/June 1.

We look forward to hearing from you in advance and/or joining us on the zoom call.

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