Having a yarn with Aunty Joyce at Borroloola


l-r Dragon Terry, Aunty Joyce, Dragon Susan, Borroloola NT, 29 September, 2022

Aunty Joyce is a former teacher, and she has returned to Borroloola to help educate and support her people and she now works in a family support program.

She advised that in addition to getting to their clinic early when they experience “lumps and bumps” or “aches and pains”, her people need to be reminded to avoid drinking alcohol. This community’s alcohol ban has been recently lifted and to maintain her health Aunty Joyce decided to not drink alcohol .

Dragon Claw’s Project Leader Terry Jones said “it was such an informative yarn with Aunty Joyce as her unique insights and deep knowledge about the heathcare issues in her community will be invaluable for us to create a video that is specific to Borroloola and that it is for their people, in their country and language.”