November Dragon Talks


We began our month by welcoming Lauren Beehan OT to our meeting. Lauren presented a very instructive talk on occupational therapy, and especially how it may contribute to persons with AIID (Auto Immune and Inflammatory Diseases). We learned about movement, and a variety of “helps” that might be employed by those with limited movement in hands, arms, and legs. She was very gracious in the time she gave to us, and we appreciated her presentation.

Robin helped us, in our second meeting, to examine the anxiety we may all be experiencing due to the end of “lockdown” for Australians, and the rapid opening of public facilities for Canadians. Robin set us on the right track with a brief description of anxiety, and then encouraged open discussion among all present. We very much value and benefit from the expertise of our members. Thank you Robin.

Our monthly coffee hour was given over largely to a discussion of programmes and leaders. Charmaine and Paul had met earlier in the fall to evaluate and plan for the weeks and months to come. We felt that it was important to hear from our members about topics that had been, and might be important to us. There was no shortage of information shared, with many great suggestions for future meetings, and offers to co-ordinate them. Thank you all for your input. Our future looks great!

Our next meeting dealt with the topic of eye health, an important aspect of care for those with AIID. Charmaine suggested a podcast in preparation for our meeting. We found much to discuss, many questions asked and answered, in short, a worthwhile hour for all present.  Our final gathering in this five-week month, was led by Charmaine, who shared with us almost everything we need to know – and should know – about prednisone. Charmaine’s research skills, coupled with her personal experience with this medication, gave us a much better understanding of its uses, side-effects, and overall efficacy. We are grateful to Charmaine for this important presentation.

December’s Dragon Talks promise to be somewhat lighter in nature, as we approach the festive season when we hope to be able to have time with family and friends. Please know that you are most welcome to join us for any or all of our weekly meetings. Please contact Charmaine or Paul for a Zoom invitation.

All are welcome to join us Tuesday evenings for Canada, and Wednesday mornings for Australia. Charmaine or Paul can share the Zoom link with you.

Member Patient Advisory Committee, Co-facilitator of Dragon Talks, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By Paul Kett, co-facilitator of Dragon Talks, see Patient Advisory Bio