Dragon Talks March/April 2022

We have introduced the idea of a theme for each month of our Dragon Talks.

March was devoted in general to “green” in honour of St. Patrick’s Day. Three great teaching presentations and a member’s story of her journey were well-received. Dr. Barbara Schumacher, a retired Canadian MD, gave an inspiring and well-researched talk about the Climate Crisis and how it may affect our health. Dr. Lani Simpson engaged us with facts and stories about bone health, and our need to care for this important part of our bodies. Her frank presentation touched on bone density testing and how to interpret their results. Paul Taylor, easily engaged us as he presented a fine survey of the function and operation of our immune system and explored evidence-based techniques for having ours work effectively through evidence-based recommendations. Marlene Ferguson shared her journey through autoimmune disease with us, tracing the ups-and-downs of medical consultations, drug trials, and perseverance to regain a quality lifestyle.

April, with the coming of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, presented an opportunity to focus on new life, and hopefulness. This month was somewhat unique in that it was totally devoted to members’ stories of their experiences with autoimmune disease. Susan Cook and Dale Amir shared their stories with us, while Alasdair, Susan’s spouse, told his story of supporting and providing care for one experiencing debilitating disease. Our members’ narratives are always a highlight of our DT meetings, as they help us to learn about each other’s journeys, and offer support and encouragement, as well as bring a degree of hopefulness to each of us. They are personal and poignant, yet also encouraging. We are grateful for our time together each week. 

Coffee hours are also a part of each month’s presentations, a time to “lighten” up, and catch up with our members.

Contact Charmaine or Paul for a Zoom invitation. 

All are welcome to join us Tuesday evenings for Canada, and Wednesday mornings for Australia. Charmaine or Paul can share the Zoom link with you. 

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By Paul Kett, co-facilitator of Dragon Talks, see Patient Advisory Bio Click here