Dragon Talks July/August 2022

We continued to review one of our “Pillars” of learning during July and August, with Charlotte Hill, a member of Dragon Talks and a functional nutritionist, completing her series of five presentations. Each of Charlotte’s talks was engaging, clear, and informative. We learned a lot about diet, gut health, and how each of these has an important part to play in AIID (Auto-Immune Inflammatory Disease). We are grateful to Charlotte for these presentations, and hope to be able to continue to share them even more widely in the future.

Other Dragon Talk topics for July and August have included a very helpful discussion, led by Dr. Charmaine, on what immunizations we need to keep track of as we deal with AIID.

Sarah Loten, a member of Dragon Talks led us in a wonderful discussion about alternative forms of therapy, especially equine therapy. Sarah is an accomplished rider, with many years’ experience. She brought a warmth and vitality to her talk.

Another Dragon Talk member, Rebecca, who has been a part of Dragon Claw since its beginning shared her poignant story of living with Juvenile Ideopathic Arthritis (JIA). Rebecca is an active adult, mother of two young children, whose story is an amazing example of how stamina and determination helps in the way we live with these invisible disabilities.

Our Dragon Talks, as usual, included less-programmed sessions which we call “Coffee Time”, a way to connect, chat about our lives, our ups and downs, and enjoy each other’s company.

Our final meeting in August is a reprise of a session Dragon Jackie Morris led some months ago which was titled “Where in the World are We”. Jackie used a mapping programme to place each member, and we “zoomed” from one member’s home to another in Australia and in Canada. It was a fun time, and very helpful for us as we could “see” where everyone lived. We decided to repeat this programme as a way of welcoming and including a number of newer members who have joined us in the last while.

Please consider joining us for any or all of our weekly Dragon Talk meetings.

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By Paul Kett, co-facilitator of Dragon Talks, see Patient Advisory Bio Click here