Dragon Talks February 2022

Our month began with Terry Jones sharing a very fine report on the relationship and work that has been accomplished between Dragon Claw Charity and Indigenous people of Australia. Terry’s presentation included a detailed on-screen visual which included a short video that focussed on the work being effected between the medical community and Indigenous community leaders.

Our second meeting in February welcomed an informative and instructive presentation by Dr. Robin Murray, helping us to understand what trauma is, how it may begin, and the many nuances of trauma as a legitimate disorder, a condition, also including a discussion of multigenerational trauma. Robin’s talks are always well-researched, clear, and timely.

In our next Dragon Talk, Dr. Charmaine helped us understand CRP, a common blood test often ordered to assist in assessing levels of inflammation. She went carefully through possible lab results, and the effects of inflammation on the body and its systems.

Our final February Dragon Talk welcomed back Jill Dunkley, Yoga Therapist and Bone-Fit Instructor. Jill is a wonderful teacher, employing her knowledge and practical skill in this meeting to help us learn simple yet effective exercises to stabilize the front, sides, and back of the torso.

We are fortunate to have such a variety and wealth of experience and knowledge within our Dragon Talk membership. We are grateful for their willingness to share and lead, so freely giving of their time and expertise.

Dragon Talk welcomes anyone with an AIID (Auto-Immune Inflammatory Disease), along with their caregivers. You are most welcome to join us for any or all of our weekly meetings.

Contact Charmaine or Paul for a Zoom invitation. 

All are welcome to join us Tuesday evenings for Canada, and Wednesday mornings for Australia. Charmaine or Paul can share the Zoom link with you. 

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By Paul Kett, co-facilitator of Dragon Talks, see Patient Advisory Bio Click here