Dragon Talks December 2021

Our first meeting in December was planned and led by our own Jackie Morris. The idea came out of earlier conversations, wondering where in the world each of our members lived. Jackie, with great ingenuity, plotted each address and used the Google Earth app to take us on a “round-the-world” tour. We each had a few minutes to speak about our particular location, neighbourhood, or community, what it might be famous (or infamous) for. How wonderful it was to see where everyone lived relative to each other. Perhaps the greatest unstated importance of this exercise was to celebrate the fact that we really are a family within our global community, and that AIID is no respecter of location.

Our second meeting of the month was an unplanned continuation of our “Where in the World” meeting of last week. We ran out of time in our initial gathering, so agreed to continue the fun in this second week’s Dragon Talk. Charmaine and Linda graciously offered to postpone their originally scheduled presentation until a later time.

Our pre-Christmas meeting featured our own Julie Armstrong and her husband Dave ( also affectionately known as “Veg” because of his love of eating Australian Vegemite) and invited and met some of our spouses/significant others. Julie recounted some of the difficulties she had experienced in her long relationship with various AIIDs and related conditions. Her husband, caregiver, and best friend, Veg, spoke about his role in supporting Julie through each of the twists and turns she has faced in their life together. It was a tender and uplifting glimpse into the life of a loving caregiver. This Dragon Talk gathering was, however, a “double-feature”, as we were also given a tour of their home and the Christmas decorations which are a part of every room. Words cannot describe the attention to detail, as well as the hours it must take to assemble (and disassemble) this amazing display of miniature homes, villages, twinkling with light and love, as well as numerous quilts and wall hangings, lovingly sewn by Julie. We were honoured and privileged to have this exclusive tour.

Our final meeting in December, and for 2021, was our monthly coffee hour. For this meeting we offered time for discussing how the latest COVID strain, Omicron, was affecting our thoughts and actions. We also left time to share a seasonal family tradition – an activity, or a food item, or something that was a special way of celebrating for us. This marked a happy ending to a wonderful year of meeting together week by week for support, education, and enjoyment.

Please know that you are most welcome to join us for any or all of our weekly meetings.

Contact Charmaine or Paul for a Zoom invitation. 

All are welcome to join us Tuesday evenings for Canada, and Wednesday mornings for Australia. Charmaine or Paul can share the Zoom link with you.  

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By Paul Kett, co-facilitator of Dragon Talks, see Patient Advisory Bio Click here