Avoiding a flare in January

Andrea Wool has five key action steps that I hope will resonate with you:

  1. Journal every morning. I’ve learned to love asking myself questions like:
    • What does my body need today?
    • What activities do I need to complete so I can feel at peace at the end of the day?
    • What time am I exercising?
    • Setting aside a bit of space to write intentions for myself, as well as ask myself honest questions, is the perfect morning reset.
  2. Drink plenty of water. I find that staying hydrated throughout the day keeps the sugar cravings at bay. But I'm always considering how it effects my exercise too. Water helps lubricate our joints, replaces the water we lose when sweating, and does so many other wonderful things!
  3. Choose and prepare nourishing, on-hand, foods. Speaking of cravings, by intentionally stocking my fridge (or packing to-go snacks if traveling) with healthy, fresh, and simple ingredients, I’m able to grab these items BEFORE reaching for something I may regret later. The way I feel when I eat healthy also inspires me to keep up my fitness routine. Nourishing food = more momentum to show up!
  4. Set a bedtime and stick to it. Believe me, I could spend all night on Netflix watching “just one more!” episode of my favorite shows. But creating a non-negotiable time for sleep sets you up for the next morning’s non-negotiable time for exercise. Sometimes setting boundaries, even if they sound restrictive, are actually the guardrails we need to feel a true sense of space and peace.
  5. Find time each day for just a BIT of exercise. Just like making sure I have access to healthy snacks and plenty of water throughout the day, keeping my exercise area and exercise clothes ready are little tricks I use to keep myself grounded. When I make exercise a habit that I actually cannot avoid, it becomes a part of my day without me even realizing it.

While these are all standard “self-care” practices, showing up for them, especially around the holidays, is easier said than done!  How will you plant the seeds of routine now so in the coming weeks and months, you’re ready to combat unpredictability with a strong foundation?