A Story About Determination

I play competitive croquet in a style called Association.  Not long ago I was involved in a three day competition.  In my division the dominant player was a 75 year old lady with severe rheumatoid arthritis.  Dorothy had fingers that were severely curled and deformed, walked badly, had tin knees and a tin ankle.   She was lovely to talk with and was quite happy to detail her experience with the disease which she has struggled with for 30 years.  Needless to say, she was beyond the opportunities offered by biologic treatment whereas I was not.

Dorothy played each hot day in over 30 degrees celsius for over five hours in competition.  She was aggressively competitive which was great to see.  The last day I was slotted to play her.  From the audience perspective they could see two rheumatoid arthritis players; one which could hardly walk and the other looking fairly normal thanks to biologic treatment.  Amazing really!

I had listened and watched how she played and worked out my tactics accordingly in order to win a two and half hour game.  I won by just one game point!

The message of this story is that Dorothy did not let her condition determine her game.  In fact, she won every game she played except the last with me.  So, two RA sufferers fought it out and had loads of fun yet in order to do this a high degree of determination was necessary.

So,  don’t let rheumatoid arthritis take you down!


March 2018