Clinicians Are Welcome

Chronic conditions are responsible for about 85% of the total burden of disease in many countries.  In Australia, almost one in seven people have a musculoskeletal condition including arthritis (12%) and chronic back pain (4%).

We are building a website to help address the needs of not only those suffering a chronic disease but their carers as well. Many expert clinicians do not have the time or resources to successfully develop a managed care plan for those with chronic illnesses. Such a plan involves allied health, exercise, diet, meditation and drug monitoring. These are essential elements as the disease onset can be savage and the development of other conditions becomes more likely. To be effective we are focusing on rheumatoid arthritis (which we call rheumatoid disease), lupus, juvenile arthritis and carers.  Interested clinicians are invited to register.

We invite your registration for three reasons.  The first is to be part of the story and perhaps bring us up if you think we are doing something wrong.  The second is that we have much larger plans that eventually will involve 200 clinicians providing a fee based global telehealth service.  The third reason relates to innovation.  We think that much advice and routine medical issues can be successfully provided online.  We know, for example, that mental health and physiotherapy services support patient needs very well when delivered online.

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is building a useful bank of articles - What Your Patient is Thinking.

Please be a part of the Dragon Claw story. Your involvement for the cause or your registration as a user is very welcome. For further information feel free to contact Michael This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website.

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