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Are you anxious about your disease ?

Is the pain making you depressed ?

Confused, stressed & don't know what to do ?

Dragon Claw has formed a close association with THIS WAY UP, an online mental health service provided by the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression (CRUfAD) at St Vincents Hospital in Sydney Australia. This unit has been classified as a World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre in e-health of excellence.

Most people worry about their condition and about what this means for the future.  Constant pain and the lack of sleep can have terrible impacts and cause depression.  We need to address the pain, address depression and fix anxiety.  Worry is excessive when it is too intense, happens too often, or takes up too much time.  Everyone feels down from time to time but if you are always down, having thoughts of harming yourself or ending your life, or are withdrawing socially then you need some help.

Dragon Claw works with THIS WAY UP to provide you with clinician-assisted and self help tools.

Try the six-step structured problem solving technique

  1. Write down exactly what you believe the main problem to be
  2. Write down all possible solutions, even bad ones, but don’t evaluate them at this stage
  3. Briefly consider the pros and cons of each solution
  4. Choose the most practical solution
  5. Plan how you will carry that solution out, step by step
  6. Carry out your plan

Now, review your progress. What has been achieved? What still needs to be done? If needed, repeat the six steps again.




  • Around two thirds of people with arthritis are affected emotionally.
  • Eighty percent of patients reported that they sometimes have low- grade fevers, and over 90% reported sometimes experiencing RA-related fatigue
  • On average, those surveyed experienced only 2 pain-free days per month.
  • A quarter of these people stated that joint pain and stiffness lasts all day and night and 52% experience some or most of their joint pain and stiffness in the evening or after a period of activity.
  • Having these diseases can result in a loss of independence, self esteem, the ability to work and restricted social activities.
  • Sexual relationships are often stressed due to pain and fatigue.
  • Young people often feel angry or depressed at being diagnosed with an ‘old’ persons’ disease.







Get Help: Enroll in a THIS WAY UP  


THIS WAY UP Clinic online courses teach you practical skills to manage anxious and depressive thoughts. You will follow an illustrated story of someone like you, and join them in their journey to recovery. At the end of your course you will have all the skills you need to manage your anxiety or depression. It doesn’t matter where you live, in Sydney or in Canada, you can still access this service via your computer. Signing up is between you and THIS WAY UP, Dragon Claw will not know. How you score and what you do, Dragon Claw will not know.

THIS WAY UP Clinic courses have been extensively evaluated in over 30 clinical trials and 6 real-world effectiveness studies. Results are good, with 50% of completers making a full recovery and a further 30% improving. Improvement can be seen from the first lesson. Over 8,000 individuals have signed up to do a course with THIS WAY UP Clinic.

To see exactly how it works, visit: visit here



Go to for an online treatment course. An administrative fee of AUS$55 is payable to THIS WAY UP, not Dragon Claw. The course contains elements of the cognitive behaviour therapy in an illustrated story line to show you just what to do to recover. And pictures can speak more loudly than words.

We recommend that you take the free test offered by THIS WAY UP...