A list of very useful mental health support services that are online and mostly free.  As patients we often have to deal with anxiety and depression when people do not understand us, when we get our medication balance wrong and when external stress impacts us.  Dragon Claw has an association with This Way Up which we regard as very good and accessible from across the globe.

Anxiety is typified by excessive worry. Worry is excessive when it is too intense, happens too often, or takes up more time than is warranted by the realistic importance of the event, or the actual likelihood of the event occurring.

Anxiety and depression often occur together. Anxiety is typified by months or years of excessive worry over everyday things, and depression is typified by recurring periods of sadness, loss of interest, poor concentration and feelings of worthlessness.

Here is help!

Beyond Blue

This Way Up  (international)
Moodgym (internationa)