It helps to ground you


It may help to control pain


A place to rest


For chronic disease mediation can be very important for the following reasons:

  • It grounds your mind when you are in a whirlwind of stress;
  • It helps to increase your control of pain, even reducing its severity; and
  • Provides you a place to go and rest.

Mediation can be helpful in reducing stress, improving your appetite and enabling you to sleep better.  It is not a pill or set of words but it is a practice that requires a regular effort each day.  You will need to learn how to meditate and therefore having a teacher is essential.  There are many types of mediation but in Dragon Claw we refer to Stillness or Mindfulness Mediation.  Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and being non-judgmental to the experience. A related mediation style is Insight (or Vipassana) Meditation.

*********[include video:  Introduction to Mediation]

We have three videos that deal with the practice of meditation.  One will actually take you through a full 20-minute mediation experience.  Visit the Dragon Claw Video Library to view these videos.

To get started you can join a community mediation group or fast track your learning process by engaging a teacher and attending a half dozen or so small group sessions.  The following links can assist:

Wellness for Life

The Gawler Foundation

Sydney Insight Meditators

Reading List

If you would like to read about mediation and its practice, these references may assist:

  • Batchelor, Martine: The Spirit of the Buddha
  • Batchelor, Stephen: Buddhism without Beliefs, Living with the Devil, Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist
  • Beck, Charlotte Joko: Everyday Zen, Nothing Special: Living Zen
  • Chah, Ajahn:  Food for the Heart (collected teachings)
  • Chodron, Pema: The Places that Scare You, The Wisdom of No Escape, When Things Fall Apart 
  • Hanh, Thich Nhat: Peace is Every Step


“Using a particular Stillness Mediation technique assisted me reduce my pain level by about half.  It really helped me.” (male, 61 years)