Carer Support

With rheumatoid arthritis or lupus you can still lead an active life, look great and do the things you enjoy. There are gadgets or assistive devices that can help you regain your independence and make daily tasks easier.

Some are specially designed for people to make it easier to bend, reach, or grip. You might find them at a pharmacy or medical supply store, or you can search online for some devices. You may already have others at home.

Dressing and Grooming

Clothes fastener. A button hook at one end makes it easier to fasten small buttons on blouses and sweaters. A hook on the other end helps open and close zippers.

Long-handled shoehorn.

Wash mitt. Made of terry cloth or mesh, this mitt can be used with body wash or bar soap. You won't have to grip a washcloth anymore.

Large handled tooth brush.

Electoronic toothbrushes and flossers also make it easier to take care of your teeth.

In Your Kitchen

Two-handled pots and pans. With handles on both sides, these are easier to hold, because they allow you to spread their weight between both hands.

Rocking T knife. Designed so that you need less strength and dexterity to use it, this knife applies pressure directly above the food to be cut.

Jar top gripper makes it much easier to open jars.

Large handled knives, forks and spoons.

Tap and door handle grips, often made of rubber.

For Your Car

Key holder. A wide one can make it easier to open doors and turn on the ignition.

Beaded seat cover..

Panoramic or wide-angle rear and side-view mirrors.

Seatbelt extender. This device attaches to your seatbelt and makes the seatbelt easier to grasp, pull, and buckle.

Grip handle, inserted in to the open door ā€˜uā€™ bolt to help getting in and out of the car.

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