Useful Links

1.    Time to deliver patient centred care | The BMJ

Editorial – Tessa, Angela, Paul (824 words)

Patient centred care is central to the mission of healthcare, yet traditionally neither patients nor the public have had the power to shape the services they use and ...

2.    BMJ roundtable debate: How can we get better at providing patient centred care?

Podcast with many speakers – 1 hr 17 min

Also on the same page (no separate URL): “Doing it for themselves” - 52 minute compilation of Tessa’s phone interviews with many others around the world.

3.      Commentary: Swedish initiative on person centred care

Inger Ekman et al (584 words)

The Swedish approach to implementing person centred care is being led and evaluated by a dedicated unit established in 2010 at the University of Gothenburg. The unit focuses primarily on people living with long term conditions…

4.    Delivering person centred care in long term conditions

Eaton et al (~2000 words)

Transforming care for people with long term conditions, including support for self management, requires comprehensive reform of health systems largely geared to provide acute care. Simon Eaton, Sue Roberts, and Bridget Turner explore the barriers to change, arguing that the success of new approaches will depend on whole system change and strong leadership

5.    Karl Swedberg and Inger Ekman on patient centred care in Sweden

Blog post (485 words)

The health systems of the European Union make up a central part of Europe s social protection. They contribute to social cohesion and social justice as well as ...

6.    Patient commentary: What I need to self manage my care

Alex Silverstein (Patient) (837 words)

Managing my health has, and always will be, a partnership. I had type 1 diabetes diagnosed at age 18 months and I am now 27. Along the way my diabetes has been managed in a partnership between family (mainly my mother), friends, school, college, the workplace, the charity sector, health professionals, drug companies (who provide insulin, test strips, etc), the patient community (through peer support and online resources), and, most importantly, me, the person at the centre.

7.    Seeing things from the patients' view: what will it take?

Nigel Hawkes (1945 words); cites Danny Sands

Patient centred care has many evangelists but few practitioners. Doctors aspire to a state of grace in which their practice is truly focused on the individual, not on a passing stranger with a set of symptoms. But time is short, pressures great, and financial ligatures too tight.

8.    New South Wales mounts “patient based care” challenge

Luxford & Newell (2866 words)

The Clinical Excellence Commission in New South Wales is driving person centred care by stimulating districts to compete to provide it. Karen Luxford and Stephanie Newell describe the integrated approach, its uptake, and encouraging early evidence of change…

9.      Patient communities reform healthcare in India

BMJ editor Anita Jain (1875 words)

Public disillusionment with health service provision has led patient advocates in India to mobilise and push for change, Anita Jain reports.

10.  From patient centred to people powered: autonomy on the rise

deBronkart (1763 words)

Following in the path of feminists and civil rights leaders, informed patients are building a progressive social movement to improve medical care. Dave deBronkart says medicine should let patients help improve care, share responsibility, and think for themselves.

11.  Patient reported outcome measures in practice

Eugene Nelson et al, incl patient voices Cristin Lind & Andreas Hager (1700 words)

Scores of tools to measure outcomes that matter to patients have been developed over the past 30 years but few are used routinely at the point of care. Nelson and colleaguesdescribe examples where they are used in primary and secondary care and argue for their wider uptake to improve quality of care.