Being a Carer - Role

Being a carer can be tough but it can also be satisfying.  You are caring for someone – wife, husband or friend – because they need help.  The best thing you can do is to understand the disease and understand how your patient reacts to change.  Sit back for an hour and consider what it means to be a carer.  Fundamentally you are a coach, your observe changes and trends and you are the team leader.


  • What is your role as pain coach?
  • Have you got a plan to manage over the next three months?
  • Make a list of the things you need to do and consider.
  • Develop a health record.  Refer here.


  • Try to record trends and changes such as those related to medications, pain and temperature?
  • Ensure against drug and dose confusion? Mistakes are easy so see the Prednisone video.
  • Attend the medical appointments with your partner and take notes.  It is very easy to forget or misinterpret things.

Team Leader

  • Explain what is going on to friends and family as they need to know.
  • Further down we have listed carer resources and links
  • Look after yourself.  Get out and exercise.  See friends.
  • Consider nutrition. Refer to our Nutrition section

Video: Parenting and JIA